Vegan Sushi with Tomato “Tuna”

This weekend I was craving sushi and since we never did get to visit Edmonton’s Watari Express, an all vegetarian sushi place, in the limited time it was open, I decided to experiment a bit and make my own.

I have made vegan sushi many times before but have always stuck to simple rolls with various veggies and tofu. This time I was going to get fancy.

I decided to make three types of sushi: Avocado Rolls, Spicy “Tuna” Rolls, and “Tuna Nigiri”. Check out the recipes below!

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Green Onion Cakes – An Edmonton Original

Green Onion Cake served with chili garlic sacue

If you are from or have been to Edmonton and visited one of our numerous summer festivals you’re bound to have tasted a green onion cake. The green onion cake is an Edmonton Summer staple, at one point there was even a petition to make it the official dish of Edmonton.

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