Vegan Beef Jerky – Made with Seitan

Vegan Beef Jerky Made with Setian

Here in Alberta, beef is synonymous with the average diet. In fact, when a now international chain, that started here in Edmonton, decided to stop using Alberta Beef in favour of beef from the USA the chain was boycotted until they reversed their decision. Beef is so engrained into the diets of Albertans that it’s nearly impossible to convince a meat eater that it is one of the worst foods you can eat. Beef, a red meat, is known to be linked to cancer and other diet related illnesses. Cattle production is terrible for the environment, and of course eating beef is terrible for the thousands of cows who are slaughtered daily.

While some people who follow a vegan or plant based diet don’t see the need for imitating real meat I find it’s a great way to convince people that there are alternatives to their way of eating. It is helps those who are already vegan or plant based to relive nostalgic moments. This seitan “beef” jerky recipe brings we back to Saturday’s at the St. Albert farmers market with my Mom and siblings. We would all get to pick something to snack on and we almost always chose beef jerky.

If you are craving, a sweet, salty, peppery snack I recommend you drop what you are doing and whip up a batch of this Vegan Beef Jerky!

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